Function of the Board
The Board represents the interests of the membership. Its role includes, but is not limited to: devising, approving and amending policies of the Foundation; putting into effect the policy and strategic decisions of the Annual General Meeting; and playing an advisory role in policy implementation, strategic planning, budgeting and programming. The Board meets quarterly by teleconference or frequently as required. It meets in person at least once a year.

Key focus on the Music In Africa portal in Dakar

Numerous high-profile music operators attended a "Music In Africa" session on 21 November where the portal was presented to a wider audience. The ceremony was presided over by Ribio Nzeza Bunketi Buse, chairman of the Music In Africa Foundation; Aisha Deme, Music In Africa board member in charge of communication; Henrike Grohs, Music In Africa board member and director of the Goethe-Institut in Abidjan, Ivory Coast; and Eddie Hatitye, director of the Music In Africa Foundation.

Busara Promotions

Busara Promotions is registered as an NGO in Zanzibar since 2003. Its vision is for “a vibrant East African music industry, prominent on the world stage”. Busara Promotions’ mission is “to increase visibility and accessibility for African music, develop skills and opportunities in the music sector, and strengthen regional and international networking and partnerships, thereby contributing to East Africa’s social, cultural, and economic development”. Its aims are as outlined in its Strategic Plan for 2014-2019: creating platforms for live African music; increasing visibility for African music; training and capacity-building for music sector professionals; and strengthening Networking and partnerships.

Concert celebrates the Music In Africa portal in Kinshasa

The event, staged by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with the local Institut Francais and the Music In Africa Foundation, was also to celebrate the opening of a new Goethe-Institut Liaison office in the country next year.

Musikmesse 2016

Future Forum: Focus on Africa
Discussions, Concerts, Presentations
8–9 April 2016, Musikmesse, Frankfurt am Main, Germany